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Fishing Holiday Ireland


Great value holiday options. Stena Line and Irish Ferries are offering an early booking discount off their ferry fares and with the strength of the Pound excellent value holidays are assured.


Ireland offers a great fishing holiday experience with wild waters, a variety of species plus scenic locations. Water clarity requires a different approach. Use a dark groundbait and get lots of particle into your swim (stewed wheat is great). Summer 2014, once it warmed up, produced some big weights of Tench, Roach, Hybrids and Bream. During the hot summer weeks when temperatures soared it required an early start for the Bream. Pre baiting with particle on large stillwaters is essential.

For the social anglers who enjoy the pub and the craic as much as getting a bag of Bream, if you go along expecting to catch between 20 and 80lb of Roach and Hybrids a day you won't be disappointed. However, fishing at first light or late into the evening greatly increases catches and it is when the Bream tend to feed. Thus making coarse fishing in Ireland the perfect dream holiday. Big Hybrids are increasing on many waters and 100 pound plus catches are not uncommon.

Ireland really is an angling paradise and whatever your expectations we can help you have a brilliant fishing holiday. This summer fished well, particularly for Roach and Hybrids, with some good Bream catches from waters with a bit of colour.

Lough Muckno - Co Monaghan, North East Ireland.

The number 1 match and pleasure fishing venue in Europe.

Anglers World are proud to support some fantastic fishing competitions on magnificent Lough Muckno. This 1000 acre lake has over 220 easy access swims with car parking. An amazing development of such a stunning and natural water. The lake is stuffed with coarse fish including Roach, Perch, Hybrids and Bream. There are Rudd, Tench and specimen Pike too.

Lough Muckno is a superb pleasure venue with almost unlimited fishing and access. You can always find secluded fishing even on competition days.

Book now for these well organised fishing festivals in Ireland. We offer Special Inclusive Packages for all.

CALL NOW ON - 01246 221717 to book on these Lough Muckno Festivals

  • April 4th - Easter 1 Festival
  • April 7th - Easter 2 Festival
  • July 13th - July Festival
  • September 12th - Irish Open Feeder Champs
  • September 14th - Monaghan Pairs Festival
  • September 28th - Lough Muckno Autumn Festival

BANAGHER FESTIVAL - APRIL 27th to May 1st, Fishing the River Shannon between Banagher and Portumna. Booking now. Always a popular event.

Getting to Ireland

The car ferries sail several times a day from the ports of Pembroke, Fishguard, Holyhead, Liverpool (Birkenhead) and the southern ports of Scotland - they remain the most popular because you can simply load the car with everything and head off.

Flying is certainly for the birds when it comes to fishing. The huge penalties imposed by the so called 'low cost' airlines for extra luggage are unbelievably high and make it impossible to travel with luggage and coarse or sea angling kit.

Stena Line have the widest choice of routes, sailing from Holyhead, Fishguard and Cairnryan, with a variety of conventional ferries.

Irish Ferries concentrate on sailings from Holyhead and Pembroke with conventional car ferries and a fast craft (Swift)  from Holyhead to Dublin.

Stena Line now operate between Liverpool (Birkenhead) and Belfast with huge vessels that carry a mix of freight and car passengers. En-suite cabins are included in the cost on night crossings. There is also a day-time ferry. Meals can be purchased on board.

P&O Ferries sail twice daily from Liverpool to Dublin.


Fishing in Ireland is generally free of charge with no licence requirements. There are a couple of exceptions such as on the River Lee and Inniscarra Reservoir in Cork and parts of the middle Shannon, River Inny and Suck. Fishing rod licences are needed on all waters in Northern Ireland and are available from tackle shops and most accommodations.

Last Summer  produced some fantastic fishing. Inniscarra in particular had its best year to date with 200lb plus bags of quality Bream and ton up catches of prime Roach. Prolific coarse fishing at its best with easy access to this scenic water.

Bait & Tackle

The mere fact that you are considering one of our holidays means that you are probably an experienced angler with your favourite baits and methods.

There is one major consideration; in Ireland you are likely to be faced with a large lake that is rarely fished and because of that, you will only achieve exceptional results by pre-baiting with groundbait to attract the fish, or if you concentrate on one swim for two or three days. Otherwise the fishing becomes a total lottery.
Yes, you will catch Roach and Hybrids on most water and have lots of fun, but on the other hand you will probably not experience a real red letter day.

The best ingredient (particle) for prebaiting is stewed wheat, available from most UK animal feed suppliers or your local grain farmer. All other baits from casters to specialist groundbaits can be ordered from Irish Bait and Tackle for delivery almost anywhere in Ireland. You are of course allowed to take baits with you if you prefer.

Go to their website: (opens in a new window)

Bring your normal fishing tackle but think about hook sizes ranging from 16-10, medium and large open-ended swimfeeders, slightly heavier reel line than in the UK and pole gear to cope with large Bream and Tench. For distance feeder fishing use the weighed cage feeders and clip up for accuracy.

Pike Fishing in Ireland

Pike are everywhere in Ireland. There is no close season, no licences required and they provide brilliant sport whether it is a 6lb fish on a fly or a 30lb monster on a deadbait.

Pike specialists can arrive in Ireland confident of enjoying fast, exciting fishing on those prolific waters holding vast shoals of fodder fish like Bream, Roach and Hybrids. Ireland’s big loughs, such as Derg, Ree and the Shannon’s inner lakes around Strokestown, are this very day producing 30lb Pike. A member of our staff fished Lough Derg and shared in a catch of 28 Pike over two days, the biggest 20lb 14oz with most of the fish hovering between 12 and 15lb.


Irish Pike Trips with Neville Fickling

"Where in the world can you go for a week and only see duck shooters?" That's what happened to me in November. I love the lack of competing pike anglers. The challenge is finding and catching big Pike - not chasing others to a swim. Ireland is a sparsely populated country with a huge amount of water. There is always somewhere to fish, undisturbed. I travel over at least 6 times a year, although I do not always do well I know there is a special fish somewhere around the corner. I escort small elect groups but these are limited to anglers who have their own boat.

Neville Fickling, an expert specimen angler is a regular visitor to Ireland and has many big Irish pike to his name. You will get good advice and tackle from his tackle shop in Gainsborough. Telephone 01427 613002.

Pike Fishing

For the best accommodation within close proximity to excellent pike fishing look out for our Pike Fishing Symbol.

For more information on great fishing holidays to Ireland, including a variety of fantastic Coarse, Salmon and Fly fishing breaks call us today on 01246 221717.


M50 is a Barrier Free Toll (between juncts 6 & 7) which means you must pay by 8pm the following day. Other tolls can be paid at the exit point.
Pay online at
Pay by phone on 00353 1890 501050 and pay by credit card.
Pay at any PAYZONE branded outlets (invariably a petrol station.) check out for full details. 




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