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Fishing in Norway

Coarse Fishing in Ireland

Ireland offers a great fishing holiday experience with wild waters, a variety of species plus scenic locations.

angler feeder fishing big lake/

Baz Smith Fishing in Ireland

Sweatcorn red maggots and worms for fishing in Ireland/


angler holds twenty pound pike in northern ireland/

Gord Burton with a Great Pike Catch

John Horsey and Baz Smith holding Catches/

John Horsey and Baz Smith Enjoying Ireland Catches

DesTaylor holding a Bream in Ireland/

DesTaylor and Bream in Ireland

Anglers World Holidays are the number one fishing holiday operator to Ireland. Ireland really is an angling paradise and whatever your expectations we can help you have a brilliant fishing holiday. This summer fished well, particularly for roach and hybrids, with some good bream catches from waters with a bit of colour. Water clarity requires a different approach; use a dark groundbait and get lots of particle into your swim (stewed wheat is great). During the hot summer weeks when temperatures are high it requires an early start for the bream. Pre baiting with particle on large stillwaters is essential. For the social anglers who enjoy the pub and the craic and go along expecting to catch between 20 and 80lb of roach and hybrids a day you won't be disappointed. However, fishing at first light or late into the evening greatly increases catches and it is when the bream tend to feed. Big hybrids are increasing on many waters and 100 pound plus catches are not uncommon.

Getting to Ireland - The car ferries sail several times a day from the ports of Pembroke, Fishguard, Holyhead, Liverpool (Birkenhead) and the southern ports of Scotland - they remain the most popular because you can simply load the car with everything and head off. Flying is certainly for the birds when it comes to fishing. The huge penalties imposed by the so called 'low cost' airlines for extra luggage are unbelievably high and make it impossible to travel with luggage and coarse or sea angling kit. Stena Line have the widest choice of routes, sailing from Holyhead, Fishguard and Cairnryan, with a variety of conventional ferries. Irish Ferries concentrate on sailings from Holyhead and Pembroke with conventional car ferries and a fast craft (Swift) from Holyhead to Dublin. Stena Line now operate between Liverpool (Birkenhead) and Belfast with huge vessels that carry a mix of freight and car passengers. En-suite cabins are included in the cost on night crossings. There is also a day-time ferry. Meals can be purchased on board. P&O Ferries sail twice daily from Liverpool to Dublin.


Northern Ireland Rod Licences

From April 2016, anglers will no longer get a paper rod licence or permit. Instead, they will get an electronic record (e-record) with a unique reference number. The new system will work out what type of licence or permit is needed.

See the following link to buy your licence on-line

Further information can be found at

List of authorised distributors where licences can be bought can be found at

Top Coarse Fishing Destinations in Ireland

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Top Coarse Fishing Destinations in Ireland