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Experience a true adventure in a pristine wilderness with stunning scenery

Angler stood beside a crystal clear river fishing in Mongolia /
Yaks stood beside autumnal trees in Mongolia/
White 4x4 driving along a tarmac road beside sheep grazing in Mongolia/
Trout caught in Mongolia/
Cars travelling along a main street through Ulan Bator in Mongolia/
Close up picture of a Lennok trout caught in Mongolia/
Trout fighting against a fishing line and splashing the water in a river in Mongolia/
Man leading horses through trees in Mongolia/
Selection of flies in a case used for fly fishing/

Mongolia is bordered by China, Russia and Kazakhstan, the 18th largest country in the world and one of the most sparsely populated. Grassy steplands, mountains, clear flowing rivers and the Gobi desert create a rich diversity of landscapes. Buddhism is practiced by the majority of the population. It developed a multi party democracy in 1990. Capital city.. Ulaanbaatar.

Top Game Fishing Destinations in Mongolia

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Top Game Fishing Destinations in Mongolia