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World class fly and lure fishing

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Fishing in the Yukon
North West Canada

Experience this wildlife wonderland. World class fly and lure fishing in one of the last great frontiers. ABTA bonded. Booking now for 2015/2016.

Yukon Fishing

World class fly and lure fishing for a variety of species. Our prime fly in lodge in Canada. Float plane access from Whitehorse (there are no roads!!) takes just over an hour flying over majestic scenery with the chance to see moose, bear, caribou, mountain sheep and buffalo. Here you will experience incredible fly fishing for huge Lake Char (also known locally as Lakers/Lake Trout). Whitefish (another salmonoid) grow big in this lake too. Northern pike are to be found in the shallow reedy bays (Char are the prime predator here).

Lake Char... the prime predator.. can be caught on dry flies (sedge) during calm evenings or along the shallow drop offs either by wading the island/reefs or drifting and casting streamer patterns. Red & black bunny leech patterns are highly effective. Fishing buzzers also provides great action. Casting and trolling spoons and fishing rubber jigs in deeper water produces some of the biggest char. Wellesley Lake has the highest average size of Lake Char in Canada.  Smaller char on light tackle averages 4 to 18 pounds. 20,30 and 40 pound char are caught and released on most weekly trips. Lake Char well in excess of 50 pounds are there to be caught.!! Char are hard fighting and aggressive feeding fish. Most anglers will be casting from a boat (2 anglers per boat). However in early season and particularly in late evenings in calm and subdued light, big char come up to the surface around the shallow gravel bars feeding on mayfly and sedge. Dry fly fishing at this time can produce exceptional fishing on a fly rod. Lodge owner, Brian Dack has a personal best lake char of 38 pounds caught on a sedge pattern. Kluane Lodge consistently produces monster Char of 30/40 and 50 pounds plus each short summer season.

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Whitefish... Fish buzzers and nymphs or use sparsely tied dry flies during calm water when literally hundreds of whitefish from 3 to 6 pounds can be seen rising for flies close to the lodge. Whitefish are to be found in all areas of the lake and can attain sizes of up to 15 pounds. Some of the best fishing is in a calm quitet bay right in front of the lodge. They provide great sport on fly tackle. Exceptional fishing on dry fly day and evening. Kluane Lodge.

Northern Pike...  Prolific action in shallow bays and weedy areas using spoons, floating plugs on medium action spinning rods like the Greys Prowler range. Surface poppers on 8 weight fly rods on calm days fishing shallow weedy bays provides electric sport.  Pike to 30 pounds are caught and released each summer but 4 to 12 pounds is a general average with every chance of 20 pounders too. Kluane Lodge for the bigger fish up to 30 pounds.

Arctic Grayling... Prolific action on dry fly and nymphs, fish average 1 to 3 pounds but grayling to 5 pounds are possible. Wolf and Whitehorse.

Burbot.. extinct in the UK and rare in most European waters. Burbot require cold, clean well oxygenated water and Wellesley Lake is ideal. Jigging with a rubber shad in the deeper areas can produce this rare and exceptional species. They are difficult to release but make excellent eating. Kluane Lodge.

John Horsey… Filming Experiences at Kluane Lodge

England’s highest capped International fly angler. Member of 2009 World Championship winning England team and 3rd paced Individual in 2010 World Championships in Poland.  Professional fly fishing guide in the UK and consultant to Hardy & Greys Ltd..

“I feel that Kluane Wilderness Lodge at Wellesley Lake has to be the best freshwater fishing venue in the World. I have fished all over the World and have never experienced a venue where experienced - and newcomers to fishing - can catch such a variety of fish using a huge variety of methods.

Fly fishing and lure fishing for monster lake trout and pike is simply sensational. The whitefish provide another great alternative and there is even a chance of catching a burbot, surface action for big Northern Pike is extremely exciting too”.

The Yukon

One of the last great wilderness regions in the world, a land of stunning scenery, mountain ranges, northerly deserts, pristine lakes and river valleys. Wildlife is abundant with bears, moose and caribou well outnumbering the human population of 33,000 in a land the size of Spain. Our fly out lodge has almost guaranteed sightings of moose, 12 nesting pairs of bald eagle and occasional sightings of bear and wolves.


in summer you can expect almost 24 hours of daylight and daytime temperatures can vary from around 14 to 30 degrees centigrade. The St Elias Mountains divide Alaska with the Yukon and create a sheltered , warm and relatively dry climate. The Yukon has one of the world’s most northerly deserts. Do however be prepared for cool showery periods to scorching hot days.

TACKLE; FLY FISHING..  John Horsey recommends the Hardy & Grey range.

Whitefish.. 5 weight rod. Di 3 and floating line. 12lb tippet.

Char/Pike.. 8 weight rod. Di 5, 3 and floating lines. A sink tip is also recommended. 18lb tippet.

Fly Selection..

Char.. Medium and large streamer patterns, sedge patterns, buzzer patterns.

Pike.. Pink and white poppers, chartreuse poppers. Black tinsel streamers.

Whitefish / Arctic Grayling.. Buzzers, sparsely tied dry patterns, mayfly patterns.

For exclusive flies specific for the Yukon contact..  Martin Barber tel 01709 855573 or Andrew Hutson, Lincolnshire Fly Shop Tel 01472 588766.

(Kluane Lodge has a stock of effective flies and lures plus barbless hooks).

SPINNING.. Medium spinning rod ( the H&G Prowler rods are perfect- 7’ to 7'6") , Shimano 4000 to 5000 reel or similar. 30lb braid. 18lb to 30lb  mono leader. Wire trace for pike , Use mono leader of about 20 feet when fishing for char (do not use a wire leader). All lures must have single barbless hooks. Mans -1 floating plugs are excellent take red/black, roach and chartreuse colours, these are surface/shallow water plugs and work best with the rod high and a slow retrieve.. creating a small bow wave. A choice of spoons in a variety of sizes and colours are sold at the lodge.

Jigging.. for big lake char. As above but with a 30 pound mono leader of around 20 feet. A multiplyer reel may be preferable. Use 2 to 4 ounce leadhead hooks with squid rubber jig (sold by the lodge). 8 inch large rubber shads are also extremely effective. 30lb braid as mainline.

FLY FISHING.. Big Northern Pike and Lake Char.. Hardy Demon reel (for 8 weight lines) with three spools you can cover off fly fishing for big pike and lake char. Floating line for surface popping for pike in the shallow bays and dry fly fishing the gravel shoals for lake char. A sink tip for streamer fishing for pike and char. A fast sink line for targeting those big char on the dropoffs and deeper bays.


Camera with 200mm lens for wildlife photography. Sun screen factor 20 or 30. Lip balm and moisture cream (the air can be very dry). Insect repellent when in forested areas (there are few biting insects at the lodge).Anti histimine gel. Sun hat and Polaroid sun glasses (Mahi Jims are excellent), Fishing tackle (see John Horsey recommendations). Lightweight waders for wading the shallows.

Whitehorse..  Sparsely inhabited up to 1891, then when the Great Klondike goldrush occurred the population vastly increased. Gold is still being  discovered and they say the mother load is yet to be found..

Whitehorse is a characterful  city of just 22,000 people, a friendly and homely place with shops, bars,  museums and excellent restaurants. We include at least one night in either direction but would recommend longer stays to enjoy the many attractions. Excellent grayling and rainbow trout fishing on the Yukon River. Daily flights serve the city from Calgary and Vancouver with Air Canada, providing excellent same day connections from the UK and Europe. Whitehorse offers many interesting attractions including heli hiking, river rafting and canoe trips to wildlife and photo safari’s of 3 to 10 day durations. We offer good value car hire, 4x4’s and motor homes for further self drive exploration. Drive the Alaska and Dempster Highways, visit Dawson City and the Arctic North. Local attractions include – Fish ladder, Miles River Canyon, MacBride Gold Mining Museum,  Beringia Interpretive Centre, Yukon Transport Museum, Old Log Church Museum,  Yukon Archives, SS Klondike paddle steamer, river walk, Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Floatplane sightseeing trips with Alpine Aviation departs from just below Miles Canyon a few minutes drive from the city. MV Schwatka Yukon River cruise along the Miles Canyon. First Nation Tlingit Heritage Centre at Teslin about 2 hours drive south along with the George Johnstone Museum. .


Explore out from Whitehorse.. drive the Klondike and Dempster Highways and explore the Tombstone National Park. Visit historic Dawson City in an area abundant with wildlife.

Discover more.. Yukon Tourism provides a huge amount of information both in printed form and on their excellent website...

Pre/post lodge options.. (Choose to break your journey as an interesting option).   Overnight stays in Vancouver with great city attractions, entertainment and dining. We offer a choice of excellent hotels, including the Delta Richmond Resort Hotel with complimentary bus service from the airport (just a mile away). Frequent bus or taxi service into the city or take the new CANRAIL service from the airport into the city.   Alternatively overnight in Calgary for city attractions, take the Rocky Mountaineer train across the Rocky Mountains (or self drive with one way car rental). We provide tailor made itineraries to suit your own budget and travel duration in conjunction with 1st Class Holidays.

Getting to the Yukon:

Daily flights with Air Canada to Whitehorse via Calgary or Vancouver. Clients have the option to overnight enroute and have a city stopover and extend holiday durations (optional cost). Late morning departure from Heathrow with a late PM arrival in Whitehorse.


Kluane Lodge offers excellent Lake Char, Northern Pike and Whitefish.

Wolf Lake Lodge offers good Lake Char, prolific Arctic Grayling and Northern Pike.

EX UK JUNE 19th & JUNE 26th. (ARRIVAL DATES 7 NIGHTS AT THE LODGE June 20th and 27th).
Cost from Whitehorse.. £2985pp

 Partners Holidays... Kluane is a great location for angling partners, in addition to superb and relatively easy fishing to suit all styles and skill levels, the levels of comfort for an exclusive wilderness lodge will surprise you. Accommodation is extremely comfortable and the lodge has knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Shore Lunches are a particular attraction with a (resident) breeding pair of bald eagles just yards away. Wild flowers abound and are at their peak in June/July. Wild berries including blueberries and wild strawberries can be picked in July. The wildlife viewing is exceptional with moose venturing out of the thick forest in late evening to feed along the lakes many reedy bays. Beaver, bear and wolf are occasionally see and the variety of butterflies and wildfowl will amaze you. Its even possible to feed a local family of Whiskeyjacks by hand close to the lodge.

Kluane offers a lot for the outdoors loving client and is a photographers dream.

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