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fishing in Madagascar
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Fishing Madagascar

An Indian ocean wonder rich with wildlife

A stunningly scenic island in the Indian Ocean off the East African Coast. The world's fourth largest island rich in wildlife (it has 5% of the world's species with 80% indigenous to the island) and amazingly rich seas. Stunning beaches and superb saltwater fishing. Average temperatures 25 to 30 degrees centigrade.

Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, skipjack, rainbow runner, wahoo, GT's, pompano, amberjack, mahe mahe and shark are the prime species and they are in abundance. World class saltwater fishing with prolific big game species. Casting lures and poppers, trolling and fly fishing for wide variety of species. Our operation is arranged in conjunction with Chasse et Peche, renown for top class fishing, professional guides/boats and superb food. This is the best fishing operation in Madagascar by far.

Beachside Camp/Lodge

Twin sharing. A French run camp with rustic and basic accommodation which is quite comfortable. Right on the beach with stunning views. All meals included at Terres Rouges Camp.



For flight details contact Kevin on 01246 220020.


Anti malarial treatment advised.

Visa Requirement

Passports must have a validity of 6 months after return.

Tackle Tips by Dave Lewis….

JIGGING....Jigging is one of the most exciting and productive options in the Maldives and is typically employed alongside the deep drop offs around the outside of the coral reefs, with target species including dogtooth tuna, trevally, jacks, snapper’s, jobfish, groupers and many others. Tropical jigging puts a massive strain on all elements of your tackle, and it is essential you use tackle that has been designed for this extreme form of fishing. Forget any tackle you might have used for pirking trips in Norway etc, most likely this will be next to useless. The ideal rod is a purpose made jigging rod rated heavy or extra heavy, I use models the Shimano Speed Jigwrex and Blue Rose ranges, which are superb. Quality high-speed reels are an absolute must. A Shimano Torium 30, Trinidad 30 or Torsa 30 are my own personal choice. The reel must be fully loaded with a minimum 60lbBS braid, 80lb is perfect, and this will terminate in a length of 100-200lb BS leader, mono or fluorocarbon. Some anglers prefer to use a fixed spool for jigging, the choice is yours, but you’ll need a high quality well engineered model such as a Shimano Stella, Twin Power, Saragosa or Navi PG

It is ESSENTIAL you bring a good supply of jigs that have been designed for this style of fishing and are rigged with quality assist hooks. I use Shimano Butterfly jigs, which on my previous three trips have been outstanding in their effectiveness-chartreuse and hot pink are very effective colours. Again forget using the sort of pirk you’d typically use for cod. You should bring a selection of jigs in different colours and weighing between 100-400grams, though mostly you’ll be using 200-300 gram lures. Extra strong links/split rings are also essential.

SURFACE LURES/POPPERS:....This, too, is a very exciting and visual form of fishing, and is practiced for giant trevally, yellowfin tuna and big snapper and even, on occasion, sailfish. Once again you MUST kit yourself out appropriately. Purpose made tropical ‘popper rods’ are increasingly available, I use various models from the Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu, Aspire and Lesath ranges. A quality medium to heavy uptide rod can, at a push, be used for popping. So far as the reel goes, well the top of the line is the Shimano Stella but there are other more affordable models available such as the Twin Power, Saragosa and Navi PG. Once again the reel must be fully loaded with very strong braid, I use 80lb Power Pro, and a 100-200lbBS leader. So far as poppers go, once again you need to buy the right lures for the job, and these must be fitted with very strong hooks and split rings. Poppers from the Williamson and Yozuri ranges are most widely available in the UK.



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