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St. Lawrence River All Inclusive Carp Fishing Package.

Fish for hard fighting carp in scenic surroundings - big carp, prolific action with Canadian Carpin.

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See Why Anglers From All Over The World Return To Fish With Us!

Some of the best carp anglers around has fished with Paul & Lisa Hunt including Chris Ball, Steve Briggs, Kevin Clifford, Simon Crow, Derrick Richie & Brain Skoyles.

The mighty St. Lawrence river system provides a world class carp fishing second to none. The Best Way We Fish The St. Lawrence River Is To Bait Up Daily!

The river holds just the right qualities and abundant food sources to allow the carp to mature and grow to sizes ranging from 20 to 50 lbs and up. Making it a true carp fishing Mecca.

You will be expertly guided by Paul Hunt who has over 35 years experience in U.K. and St. Lawrence River carp fishing. Paul will be able to fully advise you on the features of each swim you will be fishing i.e. depths, drop-offs, sandbars, gullies and weed-beds...etc. You will fish from only the most productive swims on the river. You will also fish from swims on isolated islands & banks along the prolific St. Lawrence River.

All your swims will be pre baited for you to ensure you enjoy the best fishing experience possible. Don't worry we are here for you all the way! An average days fishing (12 hours) it is not an uncommon occurrence to have up to seven anglers all playing a fish at the same time.

Here is one days catch for 5 anglers on the St. Lawrence River, they banked 23-30lbs+, 3-40lbs+ accompanied by numerous doubles & 20's!! Also, Paul Hunt your guide & Gary (customer) landed 96 carp in 10 hours! Another angler bank 79 carp in one day!!! YES one day!. Our ability to locate the prime areas on the St. Lawrence River for our guests, assures that each angler can expect the very best from their days fishing along with the very best in accommodations.

Carp Tackle The package includes the very best in carp tackle, providing you with everything you will possibly need for a comfortable and rewarding experience on the mighty St. Lawrence River. We use only the top brand names when it comes to our tackle rods, reels, nets, bags etc. Your guide Paul Hunt will advise and instruct you on the proven rigs and methods for conquering the river. All required end tackle i.e. hooks, leads, swivels etc.. is available on site.

Top Accommodation within the St Lawrence River Ontario Region

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