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Coarse Fishing in Denmark

Coarse Fishing in Denmark

One of Europe's top coarse fishing destinations. Fantastic value angling holiday packages available with daily overnight sailings operated by P&O Ferries from Hull to Rotterdam.

11lb bream caught in Denmark/
Rudd from River Guden in Denmark/
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River Guden in Denmark near Silkeborg/
angler brings Danish Bream to net/
angler with bream from Horsens Lake Demark/

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Denmark consistently produces some of the biggest catches in the summer months and the relatively few coarse anglers that visit Denmark enjoy remarkable sport. We at Anglers World Holidays rate Denmark as one of the finest coarse fishing destinations in Europe. It suits the independent minded angler who is prepared to put some effort into fishing here. Lots of water but limited access in places. Pre baiting important (stewed wheat particle as opposed to groundbait). Put in the effort and the rewards are high.

Bream into double figures can be landed from the lakes at Skanderborg and Silkeborg once water temperatures rise in June.

Fishing is generally excellent from late May well into late September. In addition the roach fishing in October is exceptional.

Getting to Denmark - there are no sailings direct to Denmark. The best routes are via Holland with a seven to eight hour easy drive to most resorts. Ferries operate overnight with cabins and are excellent value. The overall journey time is slightly less than before (a shorter sailing and a longer drive) but it's worth it. Sail from Hull or Harwich (to Holland) on a daily basis.

Driving: You need to take your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence with you to drive abroad. You also need to take your logbook (V5C) and your insurance certificate. If you are taking a vehicle abroad that you have hired or leased in the UK, you will need a VE103 certificate.

You might need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in some countries. Check online if this is required at or alternatively contact your own insurance company. You are able to buy IDPs over the counter at the Post Office.

You might need one for each country you are visiting. Make sure you follow overseas driving rules, including local speed limits and drink driving laws. You may be breaking the law and get a fine if you do not. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may need:
• extra equipment - for example, you need a reflective jacket and a warning triangle in many countries
• emission stickers (permits) in some European cities - you may need to buy these weeks before you go abroad
• headlight converter stickers
• UK sticker. From 28 September 2021, you need a UK sticker instead of a GB sticker

Check out rules for driving in the EU on 

Car parking - most car parks restrict parking (free and paid) to two hours. You MUST obtain a "clock" from the local tourism office and display the time you park, otherwise, failure will result in parking fines.

Fishing - a state licence is required and permits are needed for each water. Expect to pay around £30 a week, £50 for a year depending on how far you decide to travel and how many waters you fish. Silkeborg local fishing permit now covers stretches on the Guden from Koningsbro right through to Mosso, through Silkeborg and Ry a total of 64 kilometers, and together with approx 50 different lakes, at 100kr per day,300kr per week or 500kr per year, this is now really good value! Before you had to have separate permits to fish in different areas for example Ry district. The Silkeborg permit covers a big area. Separate permits are required for Bygholm (Horsens) lake and Skanderborg.

Check out the following website for bait orders:

Ensure your passport is valid for your trip. Most destinations insist that your passport must have an expiry date at least 6 months after your return flight. It is important that you check both your issue date and expiry date on your passport. If you have renewed your passport early in the past, the passport office could have added these extra months to your expiry date. Some countries, particularly in the EU, do not recognise these extra months. You should assume that your passport validity is 10 years from the date of issue.  

Fishing report June 2022 - Keith Lidgett

Keith is THE fishing expert on Denmark with over 50 years of experience in coarse fishing in East-Jutland. With Government imposed restrictions Keith has missed the past three years but when given the chance for a quick visit in June 2022 he certainly made the most of it.

After a cool few weeks of weather, temperatures rose, and Keith experienced his best fishing in 50 years. Fishing his favourite places in Skanderborg and Silkeborg lakes and the River Guden. Roach, hybrids and bream were both prolific and quality. One lake even produced carp which were stocked a few years earlier. Mainly fishing the feeder on the lakes, the Guden is a prime stick float river, Keith had big catches of roach from 1 to 2 pounds, hybrids 1 to 5lb and bream into double figures. Bait was a mix of worm and corn, only a modest amount of ground bait as usual was needed. Keith’s bulk particle was plenty of stewed wheat.

Fishing tips: River Guden.
With a firm sandy bottom and clear shallow water with lots of streamer, weed one wades out a little and trots a stick float between the streamer weed. Loose feed every trot down and it’s a fish a chuck – quality roach and rudd.

Fishing tips: Lakes.
Fish off reed beds, don’t cut them down just fold the reeds over to gain access. Again the bottom is firm sand so you only need to be knee-deep. A fishing/bait platform/stand is ideal and waders essential.


Top Coarse Fishing Destinations in Denmark

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Top Coarse Fishing Destinations in Denmark