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East Jutland Denmark

East Jutland Denmark

East Jutland is about a 7 hour drive from Rotterdam. Very scenic area, clear fish filled lakes and the River Guden.

11lb bream caught in Denmark/

11lb bream - July 2019

Silkeborg Bream casting out into deeper water/
sweatcorn, stewed wheat and a little ground bait /
Feed it hard and you can catch bream like this all day long/
the best swims for bream action are from between reed beds/
Angler stick float fishing the River Guden/

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Main fishing centres of Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Horsens and Randers are all within an easy short drive of each other. These amazingly rich waters provide great sport for big bream (into double figures) plus roach, hybrids, tench, pike, perch and zander. Keith Lidgett is our expert here and has caught bream to 14 pounds, shared 1000 pound bags and fishes here two months of the year. Use very little ground bait but feed with stewed wheat as a bulk particle. Add chopped worm for the bream. Best hook baits are worm, corn and maggots.

This is a feeder, waggler and pole paradise. Little angling pressure but you have to be adventurous when searching out swims. The Danish Lakeland provides some of the most productive coarse fishing in Europe. Fishes best from late May until early October. Fishing license/permits can be bought on line.

Note: you cannot buy bait in Denmark. Tackle shops cater for the trout and predator angler in the main.
Maggots are fine for roach on the River Guden. Stewed wheat is by far the most effective particle on rivers and lakes. Sweetcorn and worm are the best hook baits. Chopped worm in the feeder is best when fishing the bigger lakes for quality bream.

Keepnets will knock the fishing off so we advise you do not use them if you want to build up the fish in a swim. Feeding and fishing over a few days will result in more fish in your swim and the bigger bream moving in. Double figure bream are on the cards here. Get your pre bait particle into your swim either with a large feeder or a small carp spod (preferable). These waters are clear and carry a big head of coarse fish, you must get the feed in (particle) to make it work.

With no direct ferry to Denmark one must take the comfortable overnight cruise ferry with P&O Ferries Hull to Rotterdam. The drive is a relatively steady 7 to 8 hours on good roads (having a satnav does help). A long drive but it is worth it when you get there. Overnight ferries sail from Hull at 2030 hours and arrive 0800 and cabins are included. Return sailing from Rotterdam departs 2100 hours and arrives Hull 0800 hours.

A fishing licence is mandatory and can be purchased online. Permits can be bought locally and are required for most waters, different areas have different permits.

Fishing report July 2019

“Well they had a very cold spring so everything was very, very late spawning even now there is very small fry in the edge. This has had a bad effect on Skanderborg with only the odd large fish; you can sit all day for one or two bites. I think as the waters are very deep they just haven’t warmed up so quickly, but the waters in and around Silkeborg have fished extremely well. I have to go back a long way before I can remember catching so many bream there even in this extreme heat completely the opposite to Skanderborg.” – Keith Lidgett

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