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Moll valley

Moll valley

The Moll is probably the best grayling river in the south of Europe and boasts some remarkable fly hatches under the right conditions.

Fly angler nets small river fish/

Moll Valley small river fly fishing action

small river in Moll Valley/

Moll Valley small river

Moll River Grayling/

Grayling on surface

Ideal water for for fly fishing/

Perfect fly water

Austria is an alpine country and this has a significant bearing on fly fishing and in particular the weather and water conditions.

Schedule flights to Vienna and Salzburg and about a 2 hour drive bring you to an amazing and unspoilt valley. The Moll valley and river is a pristine area for great fly fishing for grayling and brown trout.

The country is divided laterally by a large mountain range in which most peaks are 2000m+ with many going up to 3000m+. These are considerably higher than anything to be found in the UK The mountains are highest in the west and gradually get smaller the further east you travel.

As in all alpine countries the mountains have a significant impact on the weather conditions, and in the case of Carinthia on the south side of the alpine range the weather is very often dramatically different to that pertaining on the north side. The prevailing weather in Carinthia comes from the south and has a considerable Mediterranean influence. Austria is a generally clean and tidy country, and the people are correctly proud of this. There is little crime, but there is an active police force who pursue speeding motorists with almost embarrassing enthusiasm.

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