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Gasthof Dorfschenke Hotel

Gasthof Dorfschenke Hotel

in the village of Stall in the Moll valley

driveway leading to a couple standing outside a three storey Austrian chalet with pine forest in the background/
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angler fishing in a fast flowing river with pine covered mountains in the background/


The Gasthof Dorfschenke Hotel is located in the village of Stall in the Moll valley. It is everyone’s dream of what an alpine hotel should look like. The main building is at least 200 years old. There are four apartment style rooms within the Gasthof, one with 1 bedroom and three with 2 bedrooms. The rooms are surprisingly large and beautifully furnished with en-suite facilities and a large wide screen TV. Austrian TV is very poor by our standards.

The Moll is probably the best grayling river in the south of Europe and boasts some remarkable fly hatches under the right conditions. The hotel owner, Gerhard Leibhart, is a very keen angler himself and will often accompany visiting anglers who have access to at least 12km of fishing on three different beats.

A further 18km lower down, the river can be accessed via the local electricity company. Gerhard can arrange tickets. The problem with this section is that the electricity company often discharges huge amounts of water through turbines to generate electricity as much of Austria’s power comes from hydro schemes and this can result in rapid rises in levels and flows. That said, the fish are used to this and seem to take it very much in their stride.

The downside to the Moll is that if there is a heavy rainstorm the river can rise quite quickly and be unfishable for a day or so. Also if there has been a late snowfall up in the mountains fishing can be affected even into early June. Generally, though, August and September are considered to be the best months.

In the event of the Moll being affected by high water it might be worth contacting a chap called Max lo Faro in Lienz which is just under an hour’s drive away. Max has a part-time tackle shop and has contacts with local fisheries on the upper Drau and the Gail. Bearing in mind that bad weather in Austria can often be very localised to one valley it is quite possible that those rivers will be fine while the Moll is in spate.

Caddis form a major part of the diet of both trout and grayling so large sedge patterns such as Stimulators often score well. Klinkhamars in a range of sizes down to 18 will also score well with the grayling. Czech nymph patterns also do well. The smaller upwings can spark some frantic rises, especially the Blue Winged Olive which hatches in vast numbers under the right conditions. A hot favourite is a hare’s ear nymph on a 12 or 14 with a black or copper tungsten bead and a fine gold holographic rib.

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