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Game Fishing in Iceland

Game Fishing in Iceland

Guided fishing in the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ for brown trout and char


Iceland is the 18th largest island in the world at 40,000 square miles and with a population of just 340,000. Reykjavik is the capital and Keflavik International airport is located 50km away. Iceland has vast areas of unique natural beauty with mountains, glaciers, highland plateaus, lava fields, waterfalls and pristine rivers and lakes.

Originally settled by both Celts and Vikings this relatively “new” country has a subarctic climate tempered by the North Atlantic part of the Gulf Stream. Weather can vary throughout the island, the southwest has a milder wetter climate, the Central Highlands the coldest and the eastern area is the driest and sunniest region. The Arctic Fox was the only mammal on Iceland at the time of arrival of the first humans now there are extensive numbers of Icelandic sheep and ponies. Very occasionally, a polar bear turns up on the north coast drifting in on an ice flow from Greenland but this is rare.

Iceland has an excellent road network although to reach some of the best fly-fishing it is better to use local guides equipped with modified 4x4 all-terrain vehicles. This enables one to safely cross shallow fast flowing rivers to reach remote lakes. (Beyond the capabilities of standard 4x4’s.)

Iceland has prolific sea fishing but is also renown for pristine waters offering excellent salmon, brown trout and char. Fly fishing is well managed and organised with much of the access controlled by landowners. A fishing guide is important.

Fishing Tackle Regulations: In order to avoid spreading disease the Icelandic Government have strict rules on all tackle, waders, boots disinfection. In order to avoid expensive costs upon arrival DO have it done by a UK vet who will provide you with a certificate. Everything that will make contact with water when fishing must be included in the process.

Top Game Fishing Destinations in Iceland

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Top Game Fishing Destinations in Iceland