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Sel, Grimsnes

Sel, Grimsnes

Located just 90 minutes from Keflavik airport.

Arctic char caught in Iceland/
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Guided fishing in local lakes and the River Bruara for brown trout and Arctic char. In most cases, you will fish private waters. Some lakes are populated predominately by brown trout upwards to 4lb with the chance of larger specimens in some waters. Other lakes have huge numbers of Arctic char up to 5lb. The River Bruara also has a good head of Arctic Char some of which are sea run.

Best times to fish are from the middle of May until the end of August. Fly-fishing is the preferred method but spinning is also possible. A fly rod of 9-10 feet capable of casting a 5-7 line is ideal. A floating line will suffice for nearly every occasion. Leader material of 5-6lb is recommended.

A good pair of chest waders is vital with most of the wading being easy on sand and gravel bottoms. Pan nets are best when wading although a long handles net is useful if fishing from rock platforms. Weather conditions can be variable so ensure you have good quality waterproofs and warm clothing. Under wader thermals are a good idea as the water remains cold even in high summer.

Fishing Tackle Regulations: In order to avoid spreading disease the Icelandic Government have strict rules on all tackle, waders, boots disinfection. In order to avoid expensive costs upon arrival DO have it done by a UK vet who will provide you with a certificate. Everything that will make contact with water when fishing must be included in the process.

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