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Fishing in Ireland
Co Mayo

Co Mayo

A scenic county noted for excellent river and lake fishing for Salmon, trout and sea trout.

Angler fishing on Lough Talt in Co Mayo/
Fly used in game fishing/
angler standing on a grassy bank beside a river fly fishing/
angler holding a recently caught salmon/
Two anglers beside a river, one holding a salmon/
River Moy in Co Mayo/
River Moy in Co Mayo/
Two anglers beside a river with a salmon in a net/
sea trout laying on a wooden bench beside a fishing rod and reel/
close up of an angler standing knee deep in a river releasing a trout/
two anglers sitting on a river bank enjoying a drink /

Salmon fishing.
The Mount Falcon fishery consists of 2 miles of double bank fishing on the lower Moy just a few miles above the tide. The season commences on the 1st February and closes on 30th September. Spring salmon is best from late April through June. The peak months for grilse and summer salmon are June/July/August/September. The fishery is run on a 2 beat system, each beat is 1 mile long and accommodates 6 anglers. Catch and release is encouraged particularly in September. The lower beat is mainly spinning and bait water while the upper beat contains some excellent fly water, 2 notable pools being the Wall Pool and Connor’s Gap. The fishing is reserved exclusively for hotel/lodge guests, booking is essential. The Moy has an estimated run of 7000 to 9000 fish annually. Our 5 year catch average stands at 614 fish.

Excellent lough style fishing on Conn and Carrowmore for salmon. These fish run the Moy and enter the lakes from late April. Local ghillies know the prime areas, flies etc.

Brown trout fishing.
Widely available throughout the County and is particularly good on the Moy system which includes Lough Conn. The official recorded annual brown trout catch from Lough Conn in recent years has been in the region of 3,500 to 4,000 fish, averaging 1 lb. in weight. However, the real catch is probably in the region of 6,000 to 7,000 trout annually. Lough Conn is still a self-sustaining natural system, and has never required stocking. The peak season on Lough Conn is of course the Mayfly period which gets underway towards the end of May. However, very good trout fishing is not uncommon between August and early October. The other great Western lakes in Mayo, Loughs Carra and Mask, also provide good brown trout fishing. Lough Carra supports an excellent stock of wild brown trout averaging 1.5 lbs. and Lough Mask is well known for the large ferrox trout taken annually which often weigh in excess of 10 lbs.

Sea trout have been scarce in recent years because of the effect sea-lice have on stocks, the stocks are presently protected by having a ban on the killing of the species in this region and part of the North Western Fisheries Region only, but some fishery owners allow anglers to fish for them provided the trout are returned unharmed to the water.

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