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New Zealand Fishing Holidays

New Zealand Fishing Holidays

World Class crystal clear trout rivers, streams and lakes plus exciting salt water fly and lure fishing in Auckland Harbour.

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New Zealand is a wonderful country and excellent for fresh water fly fishing and saltwater fly and lure fishing. Rated by Anglers World Holidays as one of the top five fishing and touring destinations in the world. World class fly fishing for brown and rainbow trout.

There are almost endless outdoor and city attractions. The climate is very similar to that of the UK except the seasons are a complete reversal of ours. Winter in the UK is Summer in New Zealand etc. The North Island is more tropical and the South Island more temperate. The mountains in the North Island have been created by volcanic activity. The South Island Mountains have been created by movements in tectonic plates and are more rugged and have a greater altitude.

The huge natural area referred to as Auckland Harbour provides action packed saltwater fly and lure fishing for Kingfish and Kawahi. Excellent wild brown and rainbow trout fishing can be experienced on small creeks and streams to larger rivers in the North Island. There are a number of small and also vast lakes (Taupo and Rotorua) that offer amazing fly fishing too.

The South Island has both lakes and rivers of almost every size and renown for its wild brown trout. With a landmass greater than that of the UK and a population of only 4 million, the visitor will be immediately impressed by the space and uncrowded beauty of this amazing country.

Ensure your passport is valid for your trip. Most destinations insist that your passport must have an expiry date at least 6 months after your return flight. It is important that you check both your issue date and expiry date on your passport. If you have renewed your passport early in the past, the passport office could have added these extra months to your expiry date. Some countries, particularly in the EU, do not recognise these extra months. You should assume that your passport validity is 10 years from the date of issue.


From 1st October 2019 all travellers to New Zealand must have an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). From July 2019 travellers can request their ETA online via the Immigration NZ website or via a mobile app.

Costs are $12 online or $9 mobile app. At the same time you will be required to pay $35 IVL – Tourism Levy. Both will be valid for multiple trips for up to 2 years.

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Top Game Fishing Destinations in New Zealand