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Holiday Information

Please take a few minutes to read the following information that we have provided relevant to your forthcoming holiday.

Important Information From The Foreign Office Before You Book and Travel.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues travel advice on destinations, which includes information on passports, visas, health, safety and security and much more. Take the time to access and read their advice before making and completing your holiday plans


Any information that we show relating to passports and visas relates to British Citizen passport holders only and we recommend that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from your date of departure. If you hold any other nationality passport or a British Subject passport it is your responsibility to check the entry requirements for your destination.

Important Saildrive Information: For saildrive clients, it is imperative that we are supplied the following information PRIOR TO TRAVEL…

  1. List of clients travelling.
  2. Vehicle make and model
  3. Vehicle registration number.

This will ensure you have a speedy check in at the port.

Holiday Payment

Final payment of your booking is due to us 10 weeks before departure and the date is shown on your enclosed confirmation. (Please note there may be exceptions to this for tailor-made bookings). Payment reminders are not issued prior to the balance due date. In view of the higher cost of charges levied by merchant suppliers on credit cards only. We reserve the right to decline payments on holiday balances in excess of £900 by this means. We happily accept payment by debit card, cheques, and direct bank payments.

Personal Insurance

We strongly advise that you take out adequate comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your trip.

Tickets/Final Documentation

These will usually be dispatched from our office 2-3 weeks before your departure. If, however, you require the tickets earlier for any reason, please advise our office accordingly.


PASSPORT – If travelling by ferry from the UK a passport is not required, however, it is advisable to take a form of photo ID with you in case of security checks. VISA – Not required, FISHING LICENCE – Fishing in Ireland is generally free of charge with no licence requirements. There are a couple of exceptions such as on the River Lee and Inniscarra Reservoir in Cork and parts of the middle Shannon, River Inny and Suck for which Permits are required.

Fishing rod licences are needed on all waters in Northern Ireland and are available from tackle shops and most accommodations or you can purchase them online in advance on the following website:

BAIT –There are no current bait restrictions in place for coarse fishing. If you wish to pre-order bait we suggest that you visit the following website for Irish Bait and Tackle:


PASSPORT – A valid passport is required, VISA – Not required, FISHING LICENCE /PERMITS – You will need to buy a one year licence for the whole of Holland. You will also require a permit (these are regional). Do not fish without a licence and relevant permit.

To purchase in advance go online to De Catfish, Holland’s premier tackle shop located close to Europort at Hellevoetsluis. Order your licence online at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Some accommodations also sell licence/permits. In your final documents, we supply you with a list of tackle shops where it is easy to buy your fishing licence and permits, plus bait and tackle as required


PASSPORT – A valid passport is required, VISA – Not required, FISHING LICENCE – For sea fishing in Norway you don’t need any permits, not even the state fishing licence. Permits are required for Trout and Salmon fishing.

Safety Rules: NORWAY

Boats are supplied with buoyancy jackets. Some centres will hire floatation suits ideal during the off-peak months.

At least one person in the group must have boat operation experience. If born after 1/1/1980 and operating a boat of 25hp and above he/she will be requested to supply an ICC, International Certificate of Competence.

Excellent courses are operated by They have centres throughout the UK.

Each centre will provide a short induction upon arrival prior to the supply of your boat.


PASSPORT – A valid passport is required, VISA – Not required, FISHING LICENCE/PERMIT – A State Licence is required and permits are needed for each water; expect to pay around £30 on a week, £50 for a year depending on how far you decide to travel and how many waters you fish. Silkeborg local fishing permit now covers stretches on the Guden from Koningsbro right through to Mosso, through Silkeborg and Ry (a total of 64 kilometres) and together with approximately 50 different lakes, at 100kr per day, 300kr per week or 500kr per year, this is now really good value! Previously you had to have separate permits to fish different areas, for example, Ry district. The Silkeborg permit covers a big area! Separate permits are required for Bygholm (Horsens) lake and Skanderborg.

To purchase the State Licence in advance visit the following website:

To purchase the Silkeborg Permit in advance visit the following website:

CAR PARKING – IMPORTANT - Most car parks restrict parking (free and paid) to two hours. You MUST obtain a “clock” from the local tourism office and display the time you park, otherwise failure will result in parking fines


PASSPORT – A valid passport is required, VISA – Travellers from countries other than the USA, who do not need a visa to enter Canada, will need to apply for an ETA prior to travel.

Important Canada Passport Information – All passengers must have Biometric Passports (those issued on and after 6th March 2006). Do also ensure that you have 6 months “life” on your passport for your entire trip.

The Canadian authorities have launched a website where you can Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The earlier travellers get their ETA, the sooner they will benefit from knowing they have been pre-screened to enter Canada. You are advised to obtain your ESTA before booking flights. 

A fee of CAD$7 is payable for processing an application for an electronic travel authorization.

Fishing Licences

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Anglers must purchase their fishing license online as follows – Fill your details online and pay by secure credit card payment

ONTARIO – A Fishing Card and Licence are required and these should be purchased online before arrival via the following link:

YUKON – The licence can be purchased locally at Kluane Lodge – approximately CAD$35.


Important USA Passport Information – Important USA Passport Information – All passengers must have Biometric Passports (those issued on and after 6th March 2006). Do also ensure that you have 6 months “life” on your passport for your entire trip.

Please note if you have ever been arrested, cautioned or convicted you may not be eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program. Check with the US Embassy. (add)… Obtain your tourist visa.. ESTA.. before you book your flights.

VISA – ESTA REQUIRED. Please ensure that you have a valid ESTA visa waiver application confirmed online prior to travel. It is valid for 2 years. ONLY USE THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE via the link below.

FLORIDA FISHING LICENCE – All anglers should pre-purchase a state fishing licence in advance online. Follow the link below and print off the licence data after completion and take with you. or you can arrange by telephone on 001 888 347 4356

Nonresident Saltwater Fishing Licences

Nonresident Annual Saltwater Fishing – $47.00

Nonresident 3 Day Saltwater Fishing – $17.00

Nonresident 7 Day Saltwater Fishing – $30.00

We do hope that you have found this information useful but if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01246 221717.

OUT OF HOURS only for emergencies 07713 635542

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