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Sea Fishing in Canada

Stunning scenery and world class sport.

three anglers on a boat fishing/
four men on a boat fishing with a caught blue fine tuna at the side of the boat/
caught blue fin tuna being brought to the edge of a fishing boat/
the head of a blue fin tuna that has been caught and is being pulled through the water/
blue fin tuna just visible through the blue waters around Prince Edward Island, Canada/
angler reaching over the side of a boat to lift up a blue fin tuna that he has caught/
two men on a boat watching a third man fishing in the waters around Prince Edward Island, Canada/

The rich waters around coast of both East and Western Canada offer unique fishing opportunities. Prince Edward Island on the East Coast is the place to fish for Giant Bluefin Tuna in the summer months. The real monsters general appear close to the coast feeding on vast bait balls of herring August and September.

The rich waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia have great fishing for all five Pacific Salmon species in addition to prolific and big halibut.

Travellers from countries other than the USA, who do not need a visa to enter Canada, will need to apply for an ETA prior to travel. We advise you obtain a tourist visa prior to booking flights.

The Canadian authorities have launched a website where you can get more information regarding the ETA process.

The earlier travellers get their ETA, the sooner they will benefit from knowing they have been pre-screened to enter Canada. A fee of CAD$7 is payable for processing an application for an electronic travel authorization.

Top Sea Fishing Destinations in Canada

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Top Sea Fishing Destinations in Canada