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India Sea Fishing

India Sea Fishing

Exotic fishing locations and stunning fishing.

Black tip shark/
Giant trevally, Andaman Islands/
Giant travellies, Andaman Islands/
Giant trevally/
Fishing boat, Andaman Islands/
Fishing boat, Andaman Islands/
Giant trevally, Andaman Islands/

Havelock in the Andaman Islands is our prime destination for excellent fishing, comfortable boats, short travelling times to top fishing grounds and an overall great holiday experience. Easily reached with flights via Chennai and Port Blair. Excellent fishing for GT's from 5 to 40 kilos plus a huge variety of other species including Tuna, Grouper, Spanish Mackeral and Blue Trevally. Professionally organised fishing, good skippered boats, excellent range of accommodation, restaurants, shops and bars.

Lakshadweep used to offer good fishing but on our last research group trip the fishing was extremely poor. We had to spend 5 days and nights on open slow boats to access the better fishing reefs. Sport has rapidly gone downhill due to heavy local commercial fishing of fish the predators rely on, specially GT's. We feel it is just not worth the effort, money and hardship for the "chance" of modest to poor fishing. Havelock is far superior in every respect.

A tourist visa, obtained online, is required for India and should be obtained prior to booking flights.

Ensure your passport is valid for your trip. Most destinations insist that your passport must have an expiry date at least 6 months after your return flight. It is important that you check both your issue date and expiry date on your passport. If you have renewed your passport early in the past, the passport office could have added these extra months to your expiry date. Some countries, particularly in the EU, do not recognise these extra months. You should assume that your passport validity is 10 years from the date of issue.  

Top Sea Fishing Destinations in India

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Top Sea Fishing Destinations in India