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Explore the Arctic

Discover the spectacular scenery of north Norway with Explore the Arctic whose highly qualified team ensures a unique and unforgettable adventure whether it’s a sea angling trip, whale safaris or northern lights and fjord cruises.

Head of an Orca whale raising out of a fjord in North Norway/
Green northern lights over a fjord in North Norway/
Puffin swimming on a fjord in North Norway/
Angler holding a plaice caught in north Norway/
Young angler holding a cod caught in Northern Norway/
Sea eagle in flight just about to take a fish from a fjord in north Norway/
Birds flying over a fjord in North Norway /
Green and purple northern lights over hills in north Norway/
Lady angler holding a cod standing with a man holding a fishing rod in north Norway/
Tail of a humpback whale raising out of a fjord in north Norway/
Sun setting over a calm fjord in north Norway/
Angler sitting on a boat holding a coalfish caught in north Norway/
Angler sitting on a boat holding a coalfish caught in north Norway/
Angler standing on a boat fishing as the sun sets over a fjord in Norway/
Sea eagle in flight in Norway/
Angler fishing on a fjord in Norway as the sun rises over some hills/
Green northern lights in the sky over some dark hills in Norway/
Humpback whale jumping out of a fjord in north Norway/
Angler sitting on a boat holding a large halibut caught in north Norway/

Explore the waters around the west side of Kvaloya and fish for cod and halibut. Big coalfish arrive during the summer and good fishing for wolffish, haddock, tusk, ling, redfish, dab, plaice, mackerel and whiting can be found. There are also opportunities to see whales, sea eagles, puffins and seals.

Fishing trips start at Lauklines Kystferie, an excellent accommodation base with high standard self-catering cabins. Lauklines can also arrange transfers from Tromso airport. For further details see

Explore the Arctic’s modern charter boat is a 10.5m long Kloster Patrol specially built for sightseeing and fishing trips. It is licensed for 12 adults and has a walk around deck with 10 seats and offers great space for sightseeing and fishing. The heated wheelhouse is equipped with modern navigation electronics, 10 seats and a toilet. The boat is powered by twin 300hp Yamaha engines. The Kloster Patrol boats are among the safest boats ever built in Europe and have passed tougher tests than any other boats in Norway.

Skippers are certified (D5L-certificate, emergency and first aid course, crises and crowd management and VHF-certificate). Emergency equipment on board: Life raft for 16 persons, Hansen protection survival suits P2000, life jackets, lifebuoy with light, lifebuoy with rope, rescue throwing line, emergency ladder, mounted VHF, handheld VHF, EPIRB, AIS-SART, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kit and parachute flares.

Angling trips include skipper/guide, all fishing tackle and transfer from Lauklines. Flotation suits, fishing equipment boots, socks, hat, gloves, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pictures from the trip are also included.

2017 Fishing Report
“In the start of the season we experienced good fishing for big cod. Due to low water temperatures this fishing lasted until the end of May. The first couple of weeks of the season we also caught some big ling up to approx. 20kg. The amount of big ling seems to increase every year in our area.
The fishing for wolffish started in May and reached its peak in June and July. The biggest one we caught this season was approx. 9kg. The big coalfish also arrived during May. For a couple of weeks in the end June and start of July we experienced fantastic top water fishing for big coalfish. We even caught them on poppers and floating stickbaits. The biggest coalfish this season was approx. 16kg.
The fishing for haddock was a bit slow this season, even though we caught some nice ones in the end of the season. The fishing for halibut was also a bit slow this season, even if it picked up in the end of the season. The biggest halibuts were caught in September, with fish up to 198cm. As always we had peaks in the halibut fishing a few days before full moon and new moon.
This year the big shoals of mackerel arrived in the start of July and the biggest one we caught was 1,5kg. The fishing for flatfish in the end of the season resulted in some nice plaice and dab. Plaice up to 3,2kg and dab up to 1kg were caught. The end of the season has also offered good fishing for whiting and redfish at the deep drop-offs.
As always we had many spectacular nature and wildlife experiences during the fishing trips, such as sea eagles, orcas, mink whales, dolphins and porpoises.”


5 hours - £1425 exclusive boat

5 hours - £238 per person

8 hours - £1712 exclusive boat

8 hours - £285 per person

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