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Norway offers a sea fishing holiday in a class of its own - simply world class!

Angler sat on a boat holding a large fish/
Angler fishing from a boat on a fjord in North Norway/
Angler sitting on a boat holding a cod caught in North Norway/
Angler fishing from a boat on a fjord in north Norway/
Fishing boat speeding through the waves on a fjord in north Norway/
Two anglers on a boat with a cod caught in north Norway/
Merry Fisher angling boat speeding through a fjord in north Norway/
Angler holding a wolffish caught in north Norway/
Cod caught on a lure swimming just below the surface of the water/
Angler fishing from a boat in north Norway/
Angler holding a cod caught in north Norway/
Angler standing on a boat holding a halibut caught in north Norway/

If sea fishing is running through your veins - Norway has it all. Stunning scenery, generally sheltered sea fishing, a huge choice of species, and a chance to beat your personal best big cod, big halibut, coalfish, or wolfish as well as many other species.

Anglers World holidays have spent years researching coastal sea fishing in Norway. To experience huge catches of quality fish this is the place to visit, the sea fishing simply gets better the further north you go.

The combination of the gulf stream and the Arctic ocean, together with Norway's strict commercial sea fishing policy has resulted in an increase of big coastal cod and halibut populations. Our clients frequently report 30 40 50lb cod each season and 60 to 70lb cod are caught occasionally. Haddock can also weigh into double figures, huge halibut exceeding 400lb are also reported in these waters, usually in late summer into early autumn. Big coalfish also arrive close to shore in the Troms Region in late summer these can exceed 30lb plus.

Flights: NORWAY… You are advised to book your flights direct with your chosen airline and pay on your credit card. This gives you maximum protection in the event of an airline failure.
At this moment neither SAS or Norwegian Airlines are covered by Airline Failure Protection due to their current financial situations. All bookings made with or sister company (Martins World Travel) prior to 11th July 2002 are covered by AFPI).

The future.. FLYR Airlines owned and operated by Erik Braathen (a legend in the airline business) is starting up a brand new airline using the latest Boeing 737’s and a reliable hard working crew. Sensible choice options should be available for you to choose from.

Flights from the UK are not included.

Self drive boat hire is included at all centres. Lauklines also offer skippered fishing for a variety of durations. We can create bespoke packages too.

20 kg of fish fillets per person can be exported. Trophy size and undersize fish must be released. 

Please note registered fishing camps are obliged to report catches to the fisheries authorities and visiting anglers are now required to complete a catch report whilst in resort.

Safety Rules: NORWAY

Boats are supplied with buoyancy jackets. Some centres will hire floatation suits ideal during the off peak months.

At least one person in the group must have boat operation experience. If born after 1/1/1980 and operating a boat of 25hp and above he/she will be requested to supply an ICC, International Certificate of Competence.
Excellent courses are operated by..  They have centres throughout the UK.

Each centre will provide a short induction upon arrival prior to the supply of your boat.

Ensure your passport is valid for your trip. Most destinations insist that your passport must have an expiry date at least 6 months after your return flight. It is important that you check both your issue date and expiry date on your passport. If you have renewed your passport early in the past, the passport office could have added these extra months to your expiry date. Some countries, particularly in the EU, do not recognise these extra months. You should assume that your passport validity is 10 years from the date of issue.  


Top Sea Fishing Destinations in Norway

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Top Sea Fishing Destinations in Norway